This blog describes my 24-day traverse of the Pyrenees from Atlantic to Mediterranean, July 2011.
The Pyrenean Haute Route is around 800km with 42,000 metres of ascent.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Final Preparations

Not long now before leaving for the HRP. 4 days and counting...

I'm more or less ready and organised, pending the usual last minute decisions.

I'm taking 2 extra things compared with the GR11 - the Camp Corsa ice axe and Kahtoola Microspikes - hence I'm trying to lose weight in other areas. I've chopped off the cover of the Cicerone Press guidebook, which loses 100g, and I've bought some titanium tent pegs, which saves another 100g. Also I'm not taking a stove or pan, which saves space and weight.

All my maps are colour photo-copied double-sided onto waterproof A4 paper. I will dispose of these en route, and likewise I will cut down the guide book as I go with a penknife, until there's nothing left of it.

I will probably leave the ice axe behind, or give it to someone travelling in the opposite direction, rather than carrying it all the way.

My biggest concern is not really knowing what the weather will be like, and whether I'll be much more exposed to the elements on the Haute Route compared with the GR11. I'm expecting the route finding and terrain to be slighty more challenging. I might buy another compass since mine was behaving very oddly at the Arrochar Alps race on Saturday.

Other things to do before leaving on Friday:
  • Get more euros
  • Re-proof and seal tent and groundsheet
  • Fine tune first aid stuff and blister plasters
  • Resealable A4 bags and freezer bags
  • Change in euros for Airport bus to Hendaye (via St Jean de Luz)
  • New socks?
  • Put new batteries in headtorch
  • Take spare duct tape
  • Camera - charge 2 batteries. Lens cloth. Take extra xD card?


David L said...

bon chance chris - i fully expect to see you jogging past me somewhere around Aludes...also like yr butchering of the guidebook, i will take scissors to mine now!

Chris said...

Salut David. Bon courage aussi. I'm sure you will get more than your fair share of fine uplifting music en route, but no doubt the odd jammed reel change to spice things up. I'll keep an eye out for you around Aldudes!